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News & Press

Last weekend Meany Gymnasium hosted the championships games in this year’s intramural basketball tournament on the New England campus.

Writing in First Things, George Weigel has high praise for Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel.

An interview with Dean John J. Goyette

For the first time, the students of Thomas Aquinas College, New England, participated in the Lenten practice of praying the Stations of the Cross.

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪Steps the College is taking to reduce the threat of contamination

Mr. Guinee is a managing partner and founder of Constitution Capital Partners, a full-service alternative asset manager

This Lent alumnus attorney David A. Shaneyfelt (’81) has once more turned his attention to the trial of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Seeley explains the effects of astronomy on history and culture, and why its study is an important part of a liberal education.

The students of on Thomas Aquinas College celebrated Mardi Gras a few days early this year, with freshmen hosting Mardi Gras dances on both coasts.

The Office of Career Services hosted a visit from Ray Walshe, a regional vice president and energy underwriter for Starr Technical Risks Agency.

​Please pray for the repose of the soul Frances O’Connor Hardart, a longtime member of the Thomas Aquinas College Board of Governors, who died on February 19.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Stephen Atchley, who died on February 16.

Thomas A. Alexander (’99) is the subject of a new story on the Cardinal Newman Society’s website, “Pentagon Leader: Faithful Catholic Education Provided ‘Fundamentals to Succeed.’”

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪On Saturday evening the men of Thomas Aquinas College, New England, put their cooking and table-service skills to work on behalf of the campus’ women.

Dr. Jennifer Rosato presented a discussion titled “Raissa Mariatain’s Adventures in Grace,” about the life of the French poet, philosopher, and wife of famed Thomist Jacques Maritain.

Alumna Maggie Tuttle (’10), who works as a Senior Customer Success Manager for Talent Solutions at LinkedIn, presented a workshop to students on both coasts.

A recent Archdiocese of Los Angeles vocations talk on the California campus featured two alumni seminarians: Jorge Moncada Hernandez (’18) and Paul Collins (’14).

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪Walking and Marching for Life, alumni news, photos & more!

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪Members of the Thomas Aquinas College community gave thanks for and to a stalwart champion of the Catholic Church and her works, Richard A. Grant.

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪Groups of about 20 Thomas Aquinas College students from all classes — seniors and freshmen, sophomores and juniors — gathered in classrooms on both coasts for the All-College Seminar.

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪Text and audio of a recent Tutor Talk on the California campus.

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪​Fox News has published a story about “pro-life women [who] are fighting to redefine female ‘empowerment,’” including Lauretta Brown (’13). 

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪For three days this summer, Thomas Aquinas College will host scholars from across the country who seek the truth in the footsteps of the Angelic Doctor.

The College’s Office of Career Advisement hosted a Career Strategies Workshop on the California campus that was simulcast to New England via video teleconferencing.

On Saturday a group of some 20 students from Thomas Aquinas College, New England, and recent alumni took an evening ski/snowboarding trip.

The Cardinal Newman Society has asked Joe Guinee (’21) and Jean Guerreiro (’22) to take control of its Instagram account for a day.

Another beloved Thomas Aquinas College tradition has been replicated and adapted for the College’s newly opened campus in Northfield, Massachusetts.


“We discover, as we study Aquinas, that he’s not only our master in the classroom, he’s a master of the spiritual life.”

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪“It is an invitation, I think, through the Scriptures, on this Feast of Thomas, to do as he did.”

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪“Does the Father Want the Son to Die? Aquinas on Christ's Passion and the Trinity”

“The Love of Learning and the Desire for God”

Countering a common charge of contemporary theologians, Fr. Dominic Legge, O.P., said Tuesday that St. Thomas Aquinas' account of the Passion is profoundly Trinitarian.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Robert F. Richard, who died on January 15.

For the first, time, the College’s students participated in the National March for Life in Washington, D.C., thanks to the opening of Thomas Aquinas College, New England, last fall.

Some 250 Thomas Aquinas College, California, students participated in the 16th annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco.

Mr. Bachmann is the father of Rev. Mark Bachmann, O.S.B. (’82), a priest and the guestmaster at Our Lady of the Annunciation of Clear Creek Abbey in Hulbert, Oklahoma.

Last weekend the campus of Thomas Aquinas College, California, was blessed with a visit from a new friend, His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto.

Text and audio of a lecture by Dr. Timothy B. Noone, professor of philosophy at The Catholic University of America

When the March is over, friends are welcome to enjoy a free concert by the St. Paul’s Choir, courtesy of an invitation from alumnus Eric Maurer (’98).

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪“As a sophomore at the recently opened east coast campus of Thomas Aquinas College … Kelly volunteered to help plan the college’s first trip to the March for Life.”

On Saturday evening the students and faculty families of Thomas Aquinas College, New England, gathered in Olivia Music Hall for the first-ever Epiphany Dance.

Commencement speaker, Annual Report, photos and more

Dozens of students traveled to Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday for OneLife LA — the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ event to promote dignity of human life.

John Heney was a scientist, an engineer by training, who spent many years at the Hughes Research Laboratory in Malibu, working on cutting-edge, top-secret government contracts. 

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪The Most Rev. Thomas John Paprocki, Bishop of Springfield in Illinois, has agreed to serve as the College’s 2020 Commencement Speaker.

The Walk for Life West Coast has released a video featuring footage from last year's walk, and Thomas Aquinas College students can be seen throughout.

Having recently completed his flight training for the Apache helicopter, U.S. Army Warrant Officer Alex Potts (’14) is now stationed in Katterbach, Germany.

Sr. Maria Kiely, OSB (’77) serves on the editorial committee for the International Commission on English in the Liturgy.

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪“These are the things that human beings were made to do, and these are what can bring them happiness.”

Thomas A. Alexander (’99) has been named the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict.

In Humble Servant of Truth日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪, Mrs. O’Reilly tells the story of the Angelic Docto. 

“The mystery of Christmas was made known to us at night.”

Robert Barbera is founder of the Mentoris Project, which publishes biographies and novels based on the lives of prominent Italians and Italian- Americans.

The Greenfield Reporter 日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪has named the opening of Thomas Aquinas College, New England, as one of its biggest stories of 2019.

A regular writer on Catholic Exchange日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪, alumna author Suzie Andres (’87) opens her latest column with a timely question: What is the Perfect Christmas Gift?

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪"When I look at the beauty of these grounds, it just cries for a presence, a human presence here."

A festive celebration among many of the dear friends who have given generously to the College and its students over the last year.

“The whole pioneer experience is something that I am very much familiar with,” says new tutor Dr. Benjamin Block.

Amazon Smile gives .5 percent of the price of all eligible purchases to the charitable organization of its customers’ choice — including Thomas Aquinas College.

Thomas Aquinas College invites alumni, parents, benefactors, and other friends to walk and pray for the unborn with its students in January.

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪In this, his first year as a member of the Thomas Aquinas College faculty, Dr. Peter Cross is teaching on the College’s California campus.

The best book on American democracy is written by a French nobleman, Alexis de Tocqueville.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Winifred Catherine Buckley, sister-in-law of Chaplain Rev. Cornelius M. Buckley, S.J.

It’s finals week at Thomas Aquinas College, and students are supplementing their academic preparation with various forms of spiritual preparation.

The legal-news website Law360 has identified 160 lawyers as its 2019 MVPs, including Raymond Tittmann (’94).

The students of Thomas Aquinas College, California, transformed St. Joseph Commons into a formal ballroom for the annual Christmas dance.

Chaplain Rev. Greg Markey and the Thomas Aquinas College Choir led a service of “Advent Lessons & Carols” in Our Mother of Perpetual Help Chapel.

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪New crest, a time of Thanksgiving, photos & more!

On Friday night students at Thomas Aquinas College, California, gathered in St. Joseph Commons for a campus-wide contest based on the TV gameshow Jeopardy!

Miss Walsh is the founder and director of Secret Garden Educational Pathways, an online tutoring and remediation service for students with special needs.

The Washington Examiner recently featured a profile of alumnus Matt Valliere (’05), executive director of the Patients Rights Action Fund.

With the addition of the New England campus in August, the College had reason to revise its official crest and, as a result, it has now adopted — for the first time — a motto.

Writing in the National Catholic Register日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪, Patrick J. Reilly considers a question often raised by Thomas Aquinas College’s prospective students.

The Thomas Aquinas College, California, Choir and Orchestra hosted a Thanksgiving Concert as part of the St. Vincent de Paul Lecture and Concert Series.

For three decades, the students of Thomas Aquinas College have come together on a weekend in November for the Turkey Bowl, an annual flag-football game.

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪Just as the Pilgrims celebrated their safe arrival in New England with a Thanksgiving feast in 1619, so, too, did Thomas Aquinas College’s new campus on Saturday evening.

On Sunday evening President Michael F. McLean hosted students, faculty, and staff at an all-College Thanksgiving dinner.

“We should give thanks not only with our words but with our deeds as well, especially now as the semester draws to a close.”

The first of last year’s graduates to answer God’s call to the priesthood or religious is Sr. Mary Catherine Eddyblouin (’19).

The College has bid farewell to an alumnus who has been instrumental in establishing the New England campus, and who is now devoting his energies to editorial cartooning.

Georgia Snethun (’23) earned an ARCT diploma in speech arts and drama from the Royal Conservatory of Music, with the highest mark in all of Canada.

Please pray for TAC mother and grandmother Paule Ford, who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

What did Shakespeare make of the philosophical and theological learning that was available to him?

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪Students and faculty on the California campus honored “the first First Lady of Thomas Aquinas College,” Marilyn McArthur, celebrating her 90th birthday.

Praise from Massachusetts, the Mercury Transit, photos and more!

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪When the first snow of the season fell on the New England campus last week, three hearty souls decided to seek out more. 

Please pray for Quincy Masteller, the College’s longtime general counsel, who is undergoing treatment for bladder cancer.

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪Two months after he graduated from Thomas Aquinas College in 2018, Thomas O’Hara married classmate Misha (Johnston ’18), and the couple departed for Prague …

Dozens watched through a telescope, outfitted with a solar filter, that was the gift of a new friend and benefactor of the College, Mr. Paul Dougherty.

日本视频高清免费观看 日本高清免费一本视频 日本高清视2018色视频,六月丁香,天天啪啪啪Major Tulsi L. Rogers (’98) recently participated in a mock trial at famed Courtroom 600 at the Justizpalast in Nuremberg, Germany.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Patricia Kessler (’87).

Fr. Markey sent an email to the College’s alumni and friends, asking for their help to make the century-old chapel on the New England campus a fitting home for Catholic worship.

Throughout Lent, the College invites its friends to pray the Stations of the Cross, along with our students, daily.

Beginning on December 17, ending on Christmas day, the chaplains of Thomas Aquinas College will offer a novena of Masses in Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel.